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My name is Andrea Bartoluccio, I am a Photographer and Videographer specialised in Interior Design, Architectural and Landscape Photography. 

The experience that I have gained within the field of design projects also involves Videos Productions for Social Media and Web Advertising Campaigns. 

I am based in London, but I work UK wide and in Italy, covering the rest of Europe mainly for Design Event Photography. 

Shoots/Photographic and video sessions are planned in the Architecture & Landscape - Photography partner studios based in London. 

My client’s portfolio includes interior designers, architects and furniture companies, and I also collaborate with some of the major design institutions in Europe, such as Salone del mobile, IMM Cologne, Maison et Objet and Decorex.


Dedication, creativity and a keen eye for design represent the essence of my projects, where I can provide high quality images and videos following the clients vision. The needs and specific requests of my clients are always the core of my projects, where my approach is creative and technical at the same time.

I work to the brief to deliver satisfying results, accomplishing the vision and the style of my clients. Their needs always come first, and thanks to my extensive experience in the field and the knowledge of technical equipments, I can provide beautiful images or videos, whether the subject is a commercial interior or an architectural space. 

Delivering projects on time is essential, and I manage the logistics in order to avoid any sort of delay during the photographic or video sessions. 

Creating an efficient collaboration is fundamental and my communication with the clients is always fast, clear and direct, with no intermediaries.

My versatility and inquisitive nature allow me to shoot or film any kind of subject, from portraits to landscapes, properties and products. It’s the client’s story what matters the most to me, and in order to achieve the expected results I work closely with them suggesting the best ways to share the contents through online media platforms. 

Indeed, visual contents represent a great way of advertising on the web, and social media are one of the best tools to do it. Photographs or videos must be seen, and social media platforms can increase the chances of distribution and so of success. 

Capturing what makes an interior beautiful is one of my true passions.


Producing images that contain the essence of a stunning interior require much more than an attempt to photograph a live or work place, it requires an understanding of colour, composition, reflection and its relationship with light.


I work with individual designers and design teams to produce images that not only capture the feel of a room but allow the viewer to respond emotionally to the environments so that the product that they are highlighting

takes centre stage.

A selection of images taken from a variety of exteriors.


I use a variety of techniques in order to capture the un-ignorable 

presence and reality of architecture.


From brutalist to post modern, I work with architects and designers 

to develop and produce large detailed images of their 


Andrea Bartoluccio fotografia di design d'interni architettura, ritratto e prodotto di design.
Dal 2013 collaboro con le maggiori aziende di design e designers a livello internazionale.
I servizio che offrono coprono Italia, Regno Unito, Francia e Germania.
Contattaci oggi per un preventivo personalizzato per il tuo prossimo progetto fotografico e video.

Andrea Bartoluccio fotografia di desgin d'interni architettura e ritratto

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