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Film scanning & retouch LAB

Flat bed scanning for the best compromise, quality and productivity

As a photographer who produces his work from start to finish, I have developed great knowledge and experience in the whole photographic process. All the work available on my website has been shot, scanned and post-produced by me. My personal preference is to use a view camera of 4x5 size to capture an image in film following which I take it through chemical development, extrapolate the digital file by scanning the negative and manually complete the colour conversion. I do not to use automated software on my work, nor will I use it on yours. Finally, in alignment with a customer’s preference, I can provide the final product in the form of digital file, letterpress printing or fine-art.  I primarily work with a flatbed scanner as it affords high quality film scanning at a fast pace. With years of practice scanning my own film I have developed the technical skills and confidence to be able to offer a scanning service that meets the needs of photographers working with film who require a reliable, swift and quality service.

I scan film of all formats: 135 and 120, up to a maximum of 4x5" in both color and black and white; 8 or 16 bits per channel and reflective documents. The scan resolution will be determined by the size of the negative or by the output of the image presentation. If you have any doubts about the size of files you require, you can ask for advice and further information at

If you never try to scan or retouch your negatives with Us, you can request a sample sending an email here. Please read Terms & Conditions

Scanned file from negative 4x5" film Fujifilm PRO160NS and retouched by andrea bartoluccio photographer and retoucher colour conversion hand made process

Dust removal retouching

As we know, pesky dust always manages to make an appearance and is the main enemy of scanned files. Even with all possible precautions taken and the specific cleaning products available for negatives, the atmospheric dust continues to settle on our film during scanning.

The dust particles of which we are talking about are incredibly small and often difficult to detect with the naked eye on the film itself. The electrostatic charge that forms during normal use of a scanner means that the files may be filled with tiny white and black dots. Software currently exists on the market that promises removal of dust automatically, however I have personally never had satisfactory results with these. Colleagues of mine who work with a hybrid process also agree that dust on a scan must be removed manually if you are seeking truly professional results. The only way to achieve a clean file free from impurities is to remove dust manually by use of photo-editing programs such as Photoshop.

I offer a dust removal service on already scanned files; a significant advantage to those photographers who already perform personal scanning however do not have the time or perhaps the professional experience to perform this kind of post-production in a swift fashion.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how this service can work for you, simply send me an email at

Scan | Retouch price list



Dust removal files (MB calculated on 8 bit/ch files)                                                                                      

up to    50mb               £ 5

up to    75mb               £ 7.5

up to    100mb             £ 10

up to    150mb             £ 15

up to    200mb             £ 17.5

up to    250mb             £ 20

up to    300mb             £ 25

up to    400mb             £ 30

up to    500mb             £ 35


20%           charge high quantity of dust on the file (our decision)



Flat bed scanning Epson scanner (no dust removal) 135, 120, 4x5” size


                                     8bit/ch colour       16bit/ch colour


up to    50mb                           £ 5                   £ 8

up to    75mb                           £ 8                   £ 10

up to    100mb                         £ 12                 £ 15

up to    150mb                         £ 15                 £ 20

up to    200mb                         £ 17                 £ 22

up to    250mb                         £ 20                 £ 25

up to    300mb                         £ 30                 £ 40

up to    400mb                         £ 35                 £ 45

up to    500mb                         £ 40                 £ 50



Flat bed scanning Epson Scanner + dust removal 135, 120, 4x5” size


                                     8bit/ch colour       16bit/ch colour


up to    50mb                           £ 9                   £ 12

up to    75mb                           £ 11                 £ 16    

up to    100mb                         £ 14                 £ 19

up to    150mb                         £ 19                 £ 24

up to    200mb                         £ 24                 £ 33

up to    250mb                         £ 29                 £ 36

up to    300mb                         £ 34                 £ 42

up to    400mb                         £ 45                 £ 53

up to    500mb                         £ 49                 £ 63



Drum Scanning (any format and size 8bit/ch only dust removal included)                                                                   

up to    50mb                           £ 30

up to    75mb                           £ 40    

up to    100mb                         £ 45

up to    150mb                         £ 55

up to    200mb                         £ 50

up to    250mb                         £ 60

up to    300mb                         £ 80

up to    400mb                         £ 90

up to    500mb                         £ 100



20% discount for students on all products

10% discount over 10 files / scanning



COLLECTION POINT: (for film scanning)


Andrea Bartoluccio | Architecture & Landscape

Scan | Retouch LAB

55 Manor Road

EN5 2LF, Barnet,




Please enclose the following informations:


- Name

- Surname

- Phone number and eMail address

- Specify the kind of scans (fletbed or drum and 8bit or 16bit) for each image

- Return Address

- Your indications and details



TRANSFER FILES: (for dust removal retouch)

Create a share folder named with your name surname on a cloud service:


- Onedrive:           

- Google Drive:   

- DropBox:          


If you don’t have any of these cloud service, send your files via at and following informations enclosed:

- Name

- Surname

- Phone number and eMail address

- Quantity of files for dust removal

- Your indications and details


PAYMENT: Paypal at or bank trasfer via invoice.

On this gallery there are some sample of crop 100% from scanned files

Download the price list here

Colour correction

This gallery gives you the opportunity to view samples of original files obtained from a flatbed scanner and the ‘after’ result achieved by color conversion, post production and dust removal performed by myself.

If you’re a doubting Thomas and would prefer a personalized result, you are welcome to send me negative which I will be happy to scan and re-touch free of charge so that you can feel confident that my service will meet your needs and expectations. Terms and conditions of the free scan can be found here.

Before                                     After

Last update 13/07/2016

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